Bieber Fever Infects Vegas 4 y/o

autumn Bieber Fever Infects Vegas 4 y/o
You can always call us at 364-9898, text us at 82985 or by e-mail at   We LOVE to hear from you.  The picture above came to us in an e-mail last week.  We love you for listening to Chet Buchanan & the Morning Zoo.

Dear Morning Zoo,
My little girl loves your station and we always listen to you guys! The other night, we were driving in the car and heard the interview with Justin Bieber. My little girl, who is named Autumn (age 4), absolutely loves him- and was so excited to hear that he was single. I made a rule that she cannot date until she is 35 (not sure how long that will last) but she says that he is worth the wait! haha :) We tried to win tickets for his concert that one week, but were unable to do so. Thanks for giving listeners opporunities like that though! So many stations promise tickets, and then it ends up being a scam, or simply a drawing for tickets. You guys come through for so many fans here in Vegas! We love the Morning Zoo and will keep listening!!!
Summer and Autumn
P.S. Autumn wanted to show you her Justin Bieber wall, in case you ever have him in studio and he would like to see his number one fan! haha here you go!

  • Kori

    She is so adorable!!! They should give her tickets to go see him in concert!!!!

  • Janelle

    How adorable! Lol leave it to Justin to get little four year olds hooked on him haha

  • gladys delossantos

    yeah give her tose justin bieber
    tickets and i wold doo so
    i <3 justin biebeeeer

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