Girl Gets Boyfriend of One Week’s Face Tattooed on Arm!


A link to a Facebook posting that comes from a girl named “Sara” has gone viral! The picture is of her getttSome people are saying it’s a prank… Some are saying it’s real! What do YOU think!? Check out the pic and the Facebook comments!

Check out the pages of comments including shock from her boyfriend (Austin) as well as funny ones from both of their friends and family!

girl tattoos boyfriend arm facebook thread 1 Girl Gets Boyfriend of One Weeks Face Tattooed on Arm!


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  • Juliana
  • Abdullah

    Hrm….maybe you’re just busier than noarml? They say that once your brain gets so full of stuff it starts pushing other things out to make room and cope, so maybe you’re just extra busy of late?At any rate, don’t feel too bad. Happens to everyone!

  • Arshad

    Last time I went to Vegas I forgot to pack a stack of my celthos. That sucked a lot. hahaAnd I always lose everything then find it when I’m looking for something else. I’m kind of a mess!

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