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Tales Of The Stupid: Sneezing Can Kill You…Or At Least Paralyze

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(image via KLUC/CBS)

(image via KLUC/CBS)

Today’s edition of Tales of the Stupid, features sneezing. And, how sneezing can cause physical injuries and send you to the hospital with a broken neck. LOL. Read on.


Orange.co.uk reporst that an Australian woman sneezed so hard she broke her neck. 28-year-old MONIQUE JEFFREY sneezed so hard, she felt paralyzed, completely unable to move. She says, “I just knew something was wrong. I felt something move and I was in excruciating pain”. Upon being examined by doctors at the hospital, they told her she simply had a stiff neck and needed to do some exercise to fix it. But, a few hours later, her arm went numb. That’s when she went back to the emergency room and doctors found she had dislocated two vertebrae –all from a single sneeze.

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