Tales Of The Stupid: Domestic Violence And Potato Chips

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(image via KLUC/CBS)

(image via KLUC/CBS)

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Today’s edition of Tales of the Stupid, is either about domestic violence between a father and daughter…or just really bad product placement. Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up. LOL. Read on.


Once again we travel to Florida for this edition of Tales of the Stupid, which begins with a father / daughter argument which turned violent. remember, violence is never the answer. Well, Amanda Lynn Lozier of Vero Beach was arguing with her father about her smoking cigarettes, when things turned bad. She was so pissed at her dad that she grabbed a can of Pringles potato chips and struck him in the mouth. The force was so great that she knocked out one of his teeth. When police arrived they noticed that Amanda was extremely intoxicated and was having difficulty explaining to them what happened. She was arrested for misdemeanor battery domestic violence.

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