Here’s The First Look At Johnny Depp’s New Movie “The Lone Ranger”

Even though it’s not hitting theaters until July 3rd, 2013, Johnny Depp‘s highly anticipated new movie, The Lone Ranger, looks like it WILL live up to all of the early internet hype.

Also starring Armie Hammer, from The Social Network, Helena Bonham Carter and from the team behind “Pirates of the Caribbean”, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Gore Verbinski, The Lone Ranger looks like a thriller, complimented with action and humor. As the legendary, masked hero John Reid (Hammer) comes to the big screen, Depp’s, Native American spirit warrior Tonto will recount the untold tales that transformed a lawman/peacekeepr, into a legend of justice.

The first trailer for The Lone Ranger, Disney‘s new incarnation of a classic icon, revolves around the power struggles surrounding the birth of cross country railroad, and the corrupt, money hungry men who yearn to own and exploit it for their personal gain.

Check out more movie trailers, HERE.

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