Racist & Insensitive? Controversy About The New VW Superbowl Ad

Some are saying the the new Super Bowl XLVII commercial from VW goes overboard and is racist and insensitive. We need you opinion, bad taste? Or, are some too politically correct?

Volkswagen is spending $10 million dollars this year during the Superbowl. One of their commercials is getting some negative feedback. The ad features Dave, from Minnesota, who has a pleasant, sunny, no worries take on life because he has a new 2013 VW Beetle. He speaks with a Caribbean/Reggae accent…and that is what is causing the controversy.

Although a warm and funny ad to some, it’s insulting to others.

“Didn’t anyone look at this? This is so racist!” said Barbara Lippert, editor at of Mediapost.com.

New York Times columnist named Charles Blow said the spot was like: “blackface with voices.”

Are there racial overtones? Or, just, cultural overtones? Was this malicious? Or, just, good natured?.

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