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Video: Pick of the Litter

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(credit: 98.5 KLUC)

(credit: 98.5 KLUC)

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In years past we have predicted the Super Bowl’s winner using various methods. There was eggs in a microwave, peanut butter and Jake the golden retriever and, of course, who could forget “Heather the Mini-Pony”? This year, with the help of The Animal Foundation, we utilized two adorable Chihuahua mix puppies to declare the winner of Super Bowl XLVII.

To adopt a pet please visit

See 2012’s prediction with Heather the Mini-Pony

Whom did Jake the “Dog-nosticator” choose in Super Bowl XLV?

…and back in 2010 we used hard boiled eggs and microwave oven. See the video here.

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