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Fun Facts For Ya: 7/8/16

Cisco released a product called the iPhone in 1998.  It was a desk phone with a sliding keyboard and a touch screen.  It flopped . . . but they still sued Apple for using the name nine years later.  The lawsuit was eventually settled.

Ronald Reagan was the oldest president . . . by a lot.  He was almost 78 when his second term ended.  The next closest president in age was Dwight Eisenhower, but he was only 70 when his term ended.

DONALD TRUMP is 70 right now, so theoretically he could pass Reagan if he made it two terms.

We call chicken and turkey legs “drumsticks” because it wasn’t polite to say the word “leg” at the dinner table in the 1700s and 1800s.  Thighs and breasts were called dark meat and white meat back then, for the same reason.

The state bird of Utah is the California Gull.

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