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Top 10 Spots For Breakfast In Vegas!

So umm yeah, I tend to consider myself somewhat of a breakfast connoisseur & this breakfast life that I choose to live has provided me quite a bit of happiness. Over the past year and some change, my better half & I have tried quite a few breakfast spots here in the Veg and I haven’t regretted a single one.

By the way, I’m not talking about big name chain restaurants  – this list is only comprised of spots that have original-can’t get anywhere else type of food.

Being this breakfast gawd that I consider myself, I felt the duty to provide you with a list of the top places for great morning eats here in the city. In this list I factored in 3 different categories – food, atmosphere & service. Here it is!

  1. Rise & Shine
  2. Norm’s Eggs Cafe
  3. Mr. Mamas
  4. GriddleCakes
  5. Egg Works
  6. Stack & Yolks
  7. The Cracked Egg
  8. Skinny Fats
  9. Babystacks Cafe
  10. BITE
  11. Squeeze In

As you can see I couldn’t keep the list confined to just 10 places – had to “squeeze in” Squeeze In (pun intended – duh).

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