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Chet’s Randoms for 7/20/17Michael Jackson's song "Thriller" was originally called "Starlight" and the hook went, "Give me some starlight!  Starlight sun."
Shark Week Has Jumped the SharkIt's finally happened. "Shark Week" has jumped the shark.
Bodies Found in Chet's Backyard? New Email From Detective... "Excavation" SoonMUST SEE: Last October, detectives ravaged through Chet's backyard at his dad's home in Seattle, in hops of finding any remains of possible victims that were murdered years ago by the infamous "Green River Killer." Today, Chet get's a new email from the detective...
Spence's Challenge: Wednesday, July 19thSpence only needed to answer one question correct today to keep the $598.00 in the Terrible Herbst Spence's Challenge Jackpot. YOU could win ALL of that CASH! How? Just tie Spence in Spence's Challenge! It's a five question, pop-culture trivia game, with thirty seconds on the clock...  Also, don't forget about the $1,000 bonus if you can beat Spence!
The Good Feeling Story of the Day, 7/19/17Sometimes in life, you get tested.... This ex-convict passed, but not with an "A" instead, with a life...
Chet’s Randoms for 7/19/17More than 30 million people in China live in CAVES.
Would You Eat Goat Poop for Money?Boys will be boys. So, if you're going to do goat yoga and there's goat poop all over the place, one boy will challenge the other to do something stupid. Case and point...
Goat Yoga with Chet, Spence & KaylaGoat Yoga? It IS a thing and we have the video to prove it. With yoga mats spread out we stretched and relaxed...with goats.
Spence's Challenge: Tuesday, July 18thSpence has only lost three times ever in the history of Spence's Challenge! Will you be the next to beat him? If you can just tie Spence you'll win the $573 in the Terrible Herbst Spence's Challenge Jackpot, and don't forget about the $1,000 bonus if you can beat him!
Should Employee's Get "Dump-Days?"Dump-days are day's off of work specifically designated for employee's that suffered through a break-up the day before, and cannot fully perform his or her duties...
"He's Moving Away for College... To Get Away From Mom!"Aaron's son thinks his mom is too-involved in his life and really annoying and when Aaron asked what he's most excited about at college, he told Aaron "getting away from mom."
Chet’s Randoms for 7/18/17Verne Troyer . . . a.k.a. Mini-Me from the "Austin Powers" movies . . . was raised Amish.

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