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Davey Diaz, otherwise known as “Davey the Showkiller”, is the Executive Producer of Chet Buchanan and the Morning Zoo.

Davey was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and moved to Las Vegas in 2002. Davey got into radio right after high school and 10 years later he’s still loving every minute of it! Davey also runs his own mobile DJ business, “Illusion Entertainment”.

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Zoo On Demand: Weird Al In Studio

Weird Al is in town and stopped by in studio.  We found out how he got his start to his fame, which was radio related.  Spence has always been a big fan of Weird Al. […]

98.5 KLUC–04/17/2015

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Fun Facts For Ya: 4/17/15

Alaska isn’t divided into counties . . . it’s divided into gigantic boroughs and census areas.  Its largest is around 148,000 square miles, which is roughly the same size as the entire country of Germany. […]

98.5 KLUC–04/17/2015

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Spivey Podcast For Thursday, April 16, 2015

Every Thursday The World’s Greatest Psychic Gary Spivey helps Vegas with its spiritual and supernatural questions and issues.  Gary is on the show every Thursday right around 8:20a.   Maria wants to see if your boyfriend will get […]

98.5 KLUC–04/16/2015

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Zoo On Demand: Random Little Things That Make Your Feel Great

Ten random little things that make you feel great!  Their was no wrong answers but everyone has a random little thing that just makes you feel great.  We got some great responses. A new survey […]

98.5 KLUC–04/16/2015

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Fun Facts For Ya: 4/16/15

The average person at the Louvre only spends 15 seconds looking at the Mona Lisa. The song “Closing Time” by Semisonic isn’t actually about a bar closing . . . it’s a metaphor for childbirth. […]

98.5 KLUC–04/16/2015

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Zoo On Demand: Bring Your Own What?

We received an email from Ginger.  Her friend brings her own tea bags with her when they go out.  So they will be out and the friend will just order a cup of warm water. […]

98.5 KLUC–04/15/2015

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Zoo On Demand: Who Cooks Anymore?

A new study out says we spend more money eating out at restaurants then we do at the grocery store for the first time ever.  This study said more people go out now than ever […]

98.5 KLUC–04/15/2015


Fun Facts For Ya: 4/15/15

The Secret Service wasn’t protecting Abraham Lincoln the night he was shot, because he’d just signed the bill CREATING them . . . right before he headed out to Ford’s Theater. State senators in Minnesota […]

98.5 KLUC–04/15/2015


Zoo On Demand: Video Games Did What?

Spence found a story about a guy in San Diego that ended up needing surgery due to playing video games!  When did you hurt yourself from playing video games!  Doesn’t matter if it’s an old […]

98.5 KLUC–04/14/2015


Fun Facts For Ya: 4/14/15

Of the 50 biggest countries in the world, only two have a legislature made up of just two political parties:  Nigeria and the United States. Even though “Full House” was set in San Francisco, only […]

98.5 KLUC–04/14/2015