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Davey The ShowKiller

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Davey Diaz, otherwise known as “Davey the Showkiller”, is the Executive Producer of Chet Buchanan and the Morning Zoo.

Davey was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and moved to Las Vegas in 2002. Davey got into radio right after high school and 10 years later he’s still loving every minute of it! Davey also runs his own mobile DJ business, “Illusion Entertainment”.

The Good Feeling Story of the Day, 4/12/17

The Rat Pack: Dog, cat and rat form unlikely love triangle.

98.5 KLUC–04/12/2017

Chet’s Randoms for 4/11/17

The used car chain CarMax was created by Circuit City in 1991.

98.5 KLUC–04/11/2017

The Good Feeling Story of the Day, 4/11/17

A High School junior takes his 93 year old Grandmother to Prom.

98.5 KLUC–04/11/2017

Chet’s Randoms for 4/10/17

Humans aren’t very nutritious to eat, at only about 650 calories per pound of muscle.

98.5 KLUC–04/10/2017

The Good Feeling Story of the Day, 4/10/17

It’s good to be named Joe McGrath. Trust me. It’s Chet’s Good Feeling Story of the Day.

98.5 KLUC–04/10/2017

Spence’s Challenge: Friday, April 7, 2017

Another win for Spence! That’s 329 wins racking up the Terrible Herbst Spence’s Challenge Jackpot to $248 which you can win if you tie Spence, but we’ll throw in an extra $1000 if you beat him!

98.5 KLUC–04/07/2017

Can you **GHOST** someone mid-date???

NO!!! A big, fat NO…. A no so large in size it eclipses the sun…… BUT we had to ask our P1’s their thoughts on Amber’s situation.

98.5 KLUC–04/07/2017

Chet’s Randoms for 3/28/17

People in Costa Rica are only allowed to drive six days a week, to cut down on traffic and pollution. The last digit of your license plate number dictates what day you’re not allowed on the road.

98.5 KLUC–03/29/2017

Snipped or Un-Snipped?

Last week our executive producer Davey the Showkilla had to take his new born son to the hospital to get him circumcised. The last time Davey took one of his sons to get snipped, Davey watched and almost passed out! Thankfully he didn’t watch this time, but he almost passed out again… When word of Davey’s Snip-Issues reached Spence, he just lost it! Spence can’t understand why Davey even bothers with the procedure at all? It’s 2017! You don’t need to get snipped!

98.5 KLUC–03/14/2017

Davey Can’t Spell: Championship Edition

Our executive producer Davey the Showkiller and Intern Sammich are tied at 1-1 in our head to head Spelling B Match… So, we had to settle the tie and find a Chet Buchanan and the Morning Zoo Spelling B Champion! On this edition of “Davey Can’t Spell” we are using words that were presented to 5 year old Edith Fuller when she won the Oklahoma State Spelling B Championship!

98.5 KLUC–03/09/2017



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