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Davey The ShowKiller

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Davey Diaz, otherwise known as “Davey the Showkiller”, is the Executive Producer of Chet Buchanan and the Morning Zoo.

Davey was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and moved to Las Vegas in 2002. Davey got into radio right after high school and 10 years later he’s still loving every minute of it! Davey also runs his own mobile DJ business, “Illusion Entertainment”.

Chet’s Randoms for 6/5/17

The town of Ixonia in southeast Wisconsin got its name when the people there couldn’t agree on a name so they picked a bunch of letters randomly.

98.5 KLUC–06/05/2017

The Good Feeling Story of the Day, 6/5/17

As his daughter prepared to graduate from a Texas high school, Jason Gayler was rummaging through a stack of old photographs when one caught his eye.

98.5 KLUC–06/05/2017

The Good Feeling Story of the Day, 5/5/17

A baby otter was nursed back to health after being rescued by utility workers who found it struggling to get out of a canal on the outskirts of Phoenix.

98.5 KLUC–05/05/2017

Dumber Than Davey

Here is where Showkiller gets his revenge with stories about people that are far dumber than he is.

98.5 KLUC–05/01/2017

P1 Stacy Is All About John Moug!

We could call this bit, “Moug Matchmaking.” Through our afternoon guy’s incomparable tuba skills, he may have found that special someone. We talked to her, Stacy, Friday morning.

98.5 KLUC–04/28/2017

Spence’s Challenge: Friday, April 28th

Could you use $1,598?? It’s yours if you beat Spence in Spence’s Challenge….

98.5 KLUC–04/28/2017

Chet’s Randoms for 4/28/17

The first and last people to die building the Hoover Dam were a father and son, exactly 13 years apart.

98.5 KLUC–04/28/2017

The Good Feeling Story of the Day, 4/28/17

What is the perfect example of true love. Hear Chet Buchanan’s Good Feeling Story of the Day. A new story weekday mornings at 7:20.

98.5 KLUC–04/28/2017

Do You Let Your Kids Drink Vegas Tap Water?

After every show the entire Chet Buchanan and the Mornig Zoo team meets up in the post show meeting to discuss new topics for future shows… In yesterdays’s meeting, Spence told the team about his friend that doesn’t let her kids drink tap water from the sink! Chet, Spence, & Kayla couldn’t understand why drinking tap water is a big deal? Isn’t it just normal water?

98.5 KLUC–04/26/2017

High School Band Instruments: Moug vs Showkiller

Weather it’s singing in the choir or doing chores, Everyone’s parent’s made them do something embarrassing as a kid… Yesterday we found out that Davey The Showkilla’s parents made him play the violin until he was in eight grade, and we learned that 98.5 KLUC afternoon superstar John Moug played the tuba in college! So we decided to have an old fashion KLUC band off…,

98.5 KLUC–04/25/2017



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