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Hi. I’m Kayla. If you want to call me KJ [Kayla-Jo], that’s cool. God has blessed us all with Life and I plan on living mine to its fullest. Will you come along? My favorite part of the week is Monday mornings- “WHY”, You ask? Because reflecting on a Vodka-soaked Saturday is the ultimate way to bring me back to reality.

Everything I do in life is to benefit my friends and family. Speaking of….

…… I am single, and LOVE it that way. I salute all the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, etc. out there who can make it work in a household. It’s been at least 8 years since I’ve lived with someone and I can’t imagine how hard it is for y’all. EEEEK, that reminds me. You might hear me say things like “y’all” + “gator huntin’” because I grew up on that stuff. I apologize in advance.

Grew up on the water- SHOUTS OUT VENICE, FL! I was a cheerleader the majority of my life, but totally the tom-boy version. I tend to curse more than necessary, but promise to hold back out of courtesy. Things I enjoy: smiling, laughing and YOLOing all over town. Looking for a positive life. I break more wine glasses than I can maintain in my household so I recommend you become a straight out of the bottle girl with me. Hoping to make an impact in one of the most electric cities in the world. #VegasBaby

Seven Facts About the Voices Behind Your Favorite Disney Cartoons

Idina Menzel was almost a DIFFERENT Disney Princess??


I was in the Water & My _______ Popped Out!

Have you ever been at a pool or in the ocean and accidental showed the world what mother nature gave you? We thought that Kayla had a bad experience… but that was until the P1’s called in.

98.5 KLUC–07/11/2017

He Bought His Girlfriend a Teeth Whitening Kit for Her Birthday…

He originally thought buying her a “Teeth Whiting Kit” would be a good idea… However, she took it as a message that her teeth are yellow!


Dis-invited from the Wedding? Kayla’s Keeping the Gift…

Have you ever been “dis-invited” from a wedding before? Kayla was recently invited to one of her high school friends wedding and as a gift, she bought Backstreet Boys tickets with meet & greet passes for the soon to be married couple…  Unfortunately, Kayla found out yesterday that she’s been dis-invited because “there’s not enough space at the venue to hold everyone they had originally invited.” So now what is she suppose to do with the gift? Does she still give it to them, or keep it for herself?


5 Things You Should Know About Your NEW GF

… AND no, it’s not her cup size.


Kayla’s Challenge: Monday, March 8, 2017

Spence decided to take the day off today because of “allergies”… So now it’s up to Kayla today to keep the win streak alive!

98.5 KLUC–05/08/2017

James Blunt Roasts himself in NEW Interview

…. and he thinks he is responsible for Ed Sheeran’s success.


Spence’s Challenge: Wednesday, April 12th

Could you use $1,323?? It’s as easy as reading headlines….. that’s it!

98.5 KLUC–04/12/2017

Spence’s Challenge: Tuesday, April 11th

We’ll give you $1,298 if you can beat Spence in a simple trivia game.


Spence’s Challenge: Monday, April 10th

Spence’s Challenge is a pop culture quiz with a jackpot attached…….. $1,273 from Terrible Herbst.



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