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Lauren Michaels was born and raised in Southern California. She started her radio career, after high school, at Radio Disney when she moved across the country to Atlanta. Lauren then worked in several radio markets including Bakersfield, Yakima, Santa Rosa and San Francisco, before coming to Las Vegas. Lauren has also done television and movie work.

Lauren can be heard weekdays 6am – 9am as co-host of Chet Buchanan and the Morning Zoo.

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Has Miley Been Partying Hard To Get Over Her Dog?

Miley Cyrus had to cancel another show because she is still in the hospital after having a bad allergic reaction to antibiotics.  And doctors say they don’t know yet when she’ll be released. Our buddies [...]

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Hip-Hop’s Five Wealthiest Artists has released their annual list of the “Five Wealthiest Hip-Hop Moguls,” and once again, Diddy is #1. He has roughly $700 MILLION to his name.

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Kelly Clarkson Photobombs Ellen DeGeneres

“Out” Magazine Honors Ellen, Andy Cohen And Neil Patrick Harris In Its Annual Power List

“Out” magazine has released its “Power 50″….. a list of people who, “influence the way other live.” Ellen DeGeneres is #1, followed by Apple CEO Tim Cook,

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Paul Walker’s Brothers Will Finish His Scenes In “Fast & Furious 7″

When Paul Walker passed away in November, he hadn’t finished all his work on “Fast & Furious 7″. And now the producers have a plan to fill the remaining holes…..they hired his younger brothers to stand in

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Miley Cyrus Was Hospitalized Due To An Allergic Reaction

Miley Cyrus was hospitalized yesterday in Kansas City due to a severe allergic  reaction to medication.  She had to cancel a show at the city’s Sprint Center because of it. I’m sure your first thought [...]

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30 weeks pregnant

30 Weeks Pregnant… The Home Stretch

I’m 30 weeks pregnant this week and I’m feeling like I’ve finally hit the home stretch.  I’m ready to snuggle Thomas….RIGHT NOW!   We had an appointment with my doctor on Friday so we were updated [...]

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Ice Cube Is PO’d He Lost To Paul Walker At The MTV Movie Awards?

Is Ice Cube pulling a Kanye West? It looks that way to me. Ice Cube is complaining that he lost an MTV Movie awards to the late Paul Walker.

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You Won’t Believe How Much $$$ Miley Made Last Year

“Parade” magazine has released its annual “What People Earn” rundown and apparently, Miley Cyrus’ over the top demonstration of how she’s no longer a Disney kid is REALLY paying off. Miley made over $76.5 MILLION [...]

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belly bliss

The Best Pregnancy Massage….EVER!

Let me start out by saying that I’m IN NO WAY getting paid for this blog. Now that I’ve said that, let’s talk about the greatest pregnancy massage OF ALL TIME.

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Kate Upton Wishes She Had Smaller Boobs?!?!

They say God is always listening. Today, I pray that it’s not true. Because if he is, eventually he’s going to hear Kate Upton WISHING FOR SMALLER BOOBS….. which she admits to doing TWICE A DAY.

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