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I’m Buying WHATEVER This Guy Is Selling…Eating Off Of A Subway Station Floor?

I LOVE somebody that will absolutely sell out for their product. Passion and belief are the advantages that everybody has, but very few utilize. This dude has PASSION…and definitely belief! The senior brand manager for [...]

98.5 KLUC–22 hours ago

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Life Size Hulk In Backyard–And It’s Owner–Makes Anchors Lose It

A news helicopter in Chicago was covering some floods last week, and it caught a shot of a huge Hulk statue in someone’s backyard. The thing was at least eight feet tall, and totally realistic, [...]

98.5 KLUC–08/26/2014

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This May Be The Most Disgusting Collection Ever…Fingernails and Toenails!

58-year-old Richard Gibson of Lafayette, Louisiana might have THE most disgusting hobby in the world. And we’re not exaggerating. For the past 36 years, Richard has kept every single one of his FINGERNAIL and TOENAIL [...]

98.5 KLUC–08/25/2014

Steven Lawton/Getty Images Entertainment

This Dude Is My Hero

Doesn’t Think a Club’s V.I.P. Section Is Exclusive Enough . . .Buys 400 Cases of Beer to Build a Wall Around It

98.5 KLUC–08/22/2014

Matt Cardy/Getty Imges News

End Of Summer Bucket List: It’s GOOD To Pee In The Ocean!

It’s VILE to pee in a swimming pool if you’re over the age of two . . . in other words, if you’re old enough to know better. When your pee mixes with chlorine, it [...]

98.5 KLUC–08/21/2014

Jeff T Green/Getty Images News

Your Next Car Won’t Have a Spare Tire . . . And That’s Fine, Since You Don’t Know How to Change a Flat Anyway

This may help me with my giant pet peeve of people who drive 75 down the 215 with the friggin tiny little donut spare tire on their car. THAT’S TOTALLY UNSAFE, PEOPLE!! Move over to [...]

98.5 KLUC–08/20/2014

Petras Malukas/AFP/Getty Images

The “22 Ice Bucket Challenge Fails” Everyone Is Talking About

This has been passed around a TON on Facebook…but just in case you missed it, here it is!! Thousands of “Ice Bucket Challenge” videos have been posted. And a bunch of celebrities even got in [...]

98.5 KLUC–08/19/2014

Sean Gallup/Getty Images News

If You’re a Parent…”Ignore No More” Is Your New Favorite App

Every kid who’s begged their parents to buy them a phone has used the, “I can call you so you know I’m safe” line. And every parent who fell for it learned their kids are [...]

98.5 KLUC–08/18/2014

Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

STILL Worked Up About Ben Affleck As Batman? We’ve Been Through This Before

Remember how everyone LOST IT last year when it was announced that BEN AFFLECK would play Batman in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”? Well, he was prepared for some backlash . . . since [...]

98.5 KLUC–08/15/2014

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News

ICYMI on Chet Buchanan and The Morning Zoo: Could THIS Be The Answer To Your Weight Loss Prayers?

We’re all about diets where you can eat chocolate cake all day and lose weight . . . this appears to be one of those diets. On this diet, you don’t count calories, you just [...]

98.5 KLUC–08/14/2014


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