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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/28/15

Thousand Island dressing is called “American Sauce” in Germany. When you talk to yourself in your head, your larynx still makes tiny movements. A “lifetime warranty” doesn’t mean you have the warranty for YOUR lifetime […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/27/15

The Canary Islands aren’t named after the birds.  The name comes from the Latin “Canariae Insulae” . . . which means “Island of the Dogs.”  It was chosen because there were a ton of wild […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/26/15

You need a permit in Arizona to feed garbage to pigs. Remember the computer program “Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing!” that was used by millions of kids? Mavis Beacon wasn’t real.  The people who developed the […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/24/15

The reason so many Asian countries have names that end in “stan” is because it’s an ancient Persian word for “homeland.” Lil Wayne was a straight-A student. There was almost another Disney park in America […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/21/15

Most of the Founding Fathers were younger than you’d think in 1776.  James Madison was 25 . . . Thomas Jefferson was 33 . . . John Hancock was 39 . . . and George […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/20/15

The Empire State Building makes more money from selling tickets to its observation deck than it does from renting out its office space.  If you think about this…very interesting! “Ice Ice Baby” wasn’t supposed to […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/19/15

Stephen Baldwin made a deal with Miley Cyrus that if he got “HM” tattooed on his shoulder, she’d get him a cameo on “Hannah Montana”.  He got the tattoo in 2008 and showed it to […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/18/15

The original name for Eggo waffles was Froffles . . . as in “frozen” plus “waffles.”  But people called them Eggos because they tasted a little like eggs, and two years later that became their […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/17/15

“National Geographic” has printed 539 photos of women with bare breasts since it started in 1896. That averages to around four or five a year. Only three people have had a top 40 hit in […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/14/15

Only one president has died from cancer: Ulysses S. Grant had mouth cancer. Before he got famous, Rob Zombie worked as a production assistant on “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse”.  That’s just something no one would of guessed! […]