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Fun Facts For Ya: 7/2/15

In the entire “Lord of the Rings” movie trilogy, there are no scenes where two women speak to each other. Howard Hughes bought a casino in Paradise, Nevada in 1968 for $5.4 million . . […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 7/1/15

America now has more people who speak Spanish than Spain.  The only country in the world with more Spanish speakers than us is Mexico. In 1830, the average American drank three times more alcohol in […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 6/30/15

After “The Godfather”, James Caan won New York’s Italian of the Year award two times . . . even though his parents were Jewish immigrants from Germany.  Who knew! The last movie ever released on […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 6/29/15

A McDonald’s Quarter Pounder patty STARTS at four ounces, but it’s only 2.8 ounces when it’s done cooking.  They’re about to add another quarter of an ounce to the patty, which should make it around […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 6/26/15

Amazon was originally going to be called Relentless.  In fact, if you go to Relentless.com, it still redirects you to Amazon.com. The first and only G-rated movie to win Best Picture was “Oliver!” in 1969. […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 6/25/15

There are currently eight Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles in the U.S.  They each drive around a specific area of the country. When the first typewriter was created in 1868, the creators saved money by not including […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 6/24/15

Mexico’s official name is actually the United Mexican States. Missing kids aren’t on milk cartons anymore because the program was a huge failure.  Only about 70 missing children were ever featured on milk cartons in […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 6/23/15

Unfrosted Pop-Tarts have more calories than frosted ones . . . because they have a slightly thicker crust, which is just DENSE with calories. The temperature in Miami has never gone over 100.  In fact, […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 6/22/15

Beats headphones cost hundreds of dollars, but only use about $17 worth of parts.  And one of the most expensive parts is metal that doesn’t have any purpose . . . except to make them […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 6/12/15

In 1987, the IRS started making people list their kids’ Social Security numbers on their tax forms when they counted them as dependents, to cut down on fraud.  And suddenly, seven million children who were […]

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