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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/20/14

Mussolini didn’t actually make Italy’s trains run on time.  Most of the work on improving their rail system was done before he came to power in 1922. The version of “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate [...]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/19/14

Billboards are banned in Vermont, and have been since 1968. Vanna White hasn’t actually flipped a letter in 17 years. In 1997, “Wheel of Fortune” changed their set so the letters were computerized, not manual [...]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/18/14

It would be possible to win the U.S. presidential election with just 22% of the popular vote . . . a candidate would just need to win the 39 smallest states and Washington D.C. to [...]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/15/14

The reason a zero is called “love” in tennis most likely comes from the French word for “the egg,” which is “l’oeuf” . . . since an egg looks like a zero. The Big Mac [...]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/14/14

The world record for the fastest time eating an entire 12-inch pizza is 41.31 seconds.  This makes me sick thinking about it. 40% of cats are left-handed and another 10% are ambidextrous. If you win [...]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/13/14

About 23 million Twitter users are actually bots . . . computer programs that produce automated posts.  That’s 8.5% of the active users on Twitter. There hasn’t been a left-handed catcher in a Major League [...]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/12/14

People who work in offices without windows sleep an average of 46 minutes less per night than people with windows. Phil Mickelson’s nickname is “Lefty” . . . but he’s right-handed. The only thing he [...]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/11/14

Half the time when teenagers are talking on the phone and driving, they’re talking to their PARENTS. The last letter added to the alphabet was J. The average eel lives to be about 10 to [...]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/6/14

There are over three million more people in California than in the entire country of Canada . . . California’s population is 38 million, Canada’s is 34.9 million. The world record for one woman’s breast [...]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/5/14

When JACK NICHOLSON was 37, he found out the woman he thought was his sister was really his MOTHER. Say What!!! The word dilemma originally meant a choice between two tough options. Three options was [...]

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