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Fun Facts For Ya: 10/13/15

In “Let It Be” by The Beatles, the lyric “Mother Mary comes to me” isn’t about the Virgin Mary.  It’s about Paul McCartney’s mother, Mary. The Tyrannosaurus rex could run slightly faster than a human […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 10/9/15

Only eight people have ever been named honorary U.S. citizens, including Winston Churchill and Mother Teresa. Merv Griffin originally wrote the “Jeopardy” theme song as a lullaby for his son, and called it “A Time […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 10/8/15

Only one state governor has ever been assassinated while they were in office . . . the governor of Kentucky in 1900.  His name was William Goebel, and he was killed four days into his […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 10/7/15

HILLARY CLINTON worked at a salmon cannery in Alaska after she graduated college, but got fired for being too slow at scooping out salmon guts. The first text message ever was sent on December 3rd, […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 10/6/15

The biggest temperature change in a 24-hour period in history happened on January 15th, 1972 in Loma, Montana.  The temperature jumped from negative 54 degrees all the way up to 49 degrees.  That’s a 103-degree […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 10/5/15

All octopuses are colorblind. Beer is approximately 4.5 on the pH scale, which means it’s about as acidic as tomatoes. . The author Washington Irving came up with the nickname “Gotham” for New York City […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 10/2/15

There’s a word for putting makeup on your face…that word is . . . farding. The New York Yankees have the best winning percentage of any Major League Baseball franchise.  Since they were founded in […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 10/1/15

The first two Super Bowls weren’t officially called the “Super Bowl.”  Their official name was the AFL-NFL World Championship Game.  But fans called the game the Super Bowl, so by the third one that name […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 9/30/15

The most lucrative type of gambling for Vegas casinos is . . . slot machines.  61% of their revenue comes from slots. Biweekly has two definitions: Happening every two weeks or happening twice a week. […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 9/29/15

An advertising executive named Cliff Freeman came up with Little Caesar’s “Pizza Pizza!” slogan . . . AND Wendy’s “Where’s the beef?” slogan. George Washington didn’t wear a wig.  He was really balding on top, […]

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