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Fun Facts For Ya: 7/23/14

The average person sleeps for six hours and 31 minutes on weekdays, and seven hours and 22 minutes on weekends.  I wish I got that much sleep! The reason the World Wildlife Federation went with [...]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 7/22/14

There are only five cities in the world that span across two continents.  The biggest one is Istanbul, Turkey . . . it’s about 65% in Europe and 35% in Asia. There’s an urban legend [...]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 7/21/14

“Ping pong” is actually trademarked by Parker Brothers.  The generic term you’re supposed to use for the game is table tennis. Limping on purpose was a popular trend in the mid 1800s in the U.K.  [...]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 7/18/14

90.6% of Costco members renew their memberships every year.  I would of thought that would of been a higher percentage. Taco Bell sold 100 million Doritos Locos tacos in the first 10 weeks it was [...]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 7/17/14

The Post Office made stamps featuring the Statue of Liberty four years ago.  But the picture they used was of the Statue of Liberty outside New York, New York Casino in Las Vegas . . [...]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 7/16/14

Leonardo da Vinci struggled through his 20s and 30s, and didn’t get his “big break” and become famous until he did “The Last Supper” when he was 46. Instant coffee sales have tripled around the [...]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 7/15/14

Americans eat seven billion hot dogs during the summer.  That averages out to 22 per person.  I don’t think I’ll have 22 this summer I would say about 10. Golf is fading . . . [...]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 7/14/14

The fax machine was invented the same year people were traveling on the Oregon Trail . . . 1843.  Telephones were invented 11 years later. Carrots were originally several colors, and the most common one [...]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 7/11/14

Ladybugs are called “ladybirds” in England.  That’s weird to be because they are bugs not birds! The average cloud weighs 1.1 million pounds.  But the weight is distributed across such a big space, it still [...]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 7/10/14

The “Transformers” cartoon once had a fictional Middle East city named “Carbombya.”  And Casey Kasem quit as one of the voiceover guys because of it. If all seven billion people on the planet played in [...]

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