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Fun Facts For Ya: 1/30/15

Cats are the serial killers of the animal world . . . they’re responsible for killing off at least 33 species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. The first CD that was made and sold in […]

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Taylor Swift Has Trademarks

Taylor Swift is staying busy but not just with music.  Taylor has trademarked three phrases from her new album “1989”.  These trademarks can be used on just about any type of product you can think […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 1/29/15

Sony was producing and selling a Walkman with a cassette player until 2010. PATRICK EWING almost went to the University of North Carolina . . . where he would’ve been teammates with MICHAEL JORDAN.  But […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 1/28/15

Reading gossip about a celebrity creates a momentary feeling in your brain that’s as good as eating great food or winning money. Americans ate nine billion burgers at restaurants last year . . . or […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 1/27/15

The U.K. had a ban on nunchucks in movies until 1999. They even cut a scene from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2:  Secret of the Ooze” in 1991 that showed one of the turtles using […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 1/26/15

Americans will eat 1.25 billion chicken wings during the Big Game this Sunday . . . about the same amount as last year. The luxury cruise lines Cunard and Princess both have the morning after […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 1/23/15

The state with the highest percentage of iPhone users is Alaska . . . 65% of Alaskans with smart phones have iPhones. Montana is second, at 60% . . . Vermont is third, at 59%. […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 1/22/15

Wasabi was originally eaten with sushi to kill bacteria, not for its flavor.  That’s not necessary now with modern sanitary conditions . . . but people still eat it out of habit. The name for […]


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Fun Facts For Ya: 1/20/15

The dog that played Toto in “The Wizard of Oz” was paid $125 per week . . . which is more than any of the little people who played Munchkins. HUGH JACKMAN didn’t know a […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 12/5/14

The main reason Will Smith did “The Fresh Price of Bel-Air” was that he owed $2.8 million in back taxes and needed the money.  70% of his pay for the first three seasons of the […]

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