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Kanye And Lorde Are Teaming Up???

The “New York Post” claims Kanye is recording with Lorde.  That’s all I know for now, kids. Lorde has named Kanye as one of her influences  and covered his songs on tour, including “Flashing Lights” [...]

98.5 KLUC–09/18/2014

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Rihanna Is Po’d That CBS Dropped Her Song From “Thursday Night Football”

Rihanna is NOT happy with CBS for dropping her song from “Thursday Night Football”… apparently because she’s a high-profile victim of domestic abuse, and the NFL is in the middle of the Ray Rice scandal. [...]

98.5 KLUC–09/17/2014

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Did Joan Rivers’ Doctor Take A Selfie While She Was Under Anesthesia?

We’ve already heard that Joan Rivers’ doctor may have performed an unauthorized biopsy…. one that ultimately killed her.  But here’s something we DIDN’T KNOW. According to CNN, before did the operation, he TOOK A SELFIE [...]

98.5 KLUC–09/17/2014

David McNew/Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan Did NOT Handle Whitney Houston’s Body Bag

In a recent interview, Lindsay Lohan suggested that when she was doing community service at the L.A. County Morgue, she handled  Whitney Houston’s body bag. She said, “a lot of other people were meant to [...]

98.5 KLUC–09/16/2014

Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Kim And Kanye Are Trying To Have Another Kid

You have been warned: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are trying to reproduce again. In and TV interview, she said, “We’re trying…. I guess it’s, like, all in God’s hands.” She added that being a [...]

98.5 KLUC–09/16/2014

(Ray Amati/NBAE via Getty Images)

Did Jay Z Reveal That He And Beyonce Are Having Another Baby?

Jay Z might have revealed during a show Friday night that he and Beyonce are having another kid. Jay and Beyonce did two final shows on their On the Run tour in Paris this weekend. [...]

98.5 KLUC–09/15/2014

(Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS)

CBS Dropped A Rihanna Song From Its “Thursday Night Football” Show, Because Of The Ray Rice Situation

The “Thursday Night Football” pre-game show was originally going to feature a Rihanna song …… but CBS axed it at the last minute, because of the fallout from the Ray Rice situation. The opening featured [...]

98.5 KLUC–09/12/2014

(Mark Davis/Getty Images)

Khloe Kardashian And French Montana Broke Up

Khloe Kardashian and French Montana have broken up.  A source says, “It wasn’t the perfect fit for her.  They’re still talking though.” But another source says French got too NEEDY…. “The relationship got too heavy [...]

98.5 KLUC–09/11/2014

(credit: Jason Merritt: Getty Images)

Do Brad And Angelina Have A Prenup That Includes An Infidelity Clause?

It seems like most people blame Angelina Jolie for Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston’s divorce.  She was the HOME WRECKING SHE-DEVIL TEMPTRESS after all, right? Um, it takes two to tango and Brad was the [...]

98.5 KLUC–09/11/2014

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Want To Date Britney Spears?! Here’s Her Idea Of A Perfect First Date

Now that Britney Spears is single, she can start thinking about dating again.  If  you decide to ask her out, you’ll probably want to know what she’s looking for. She says, “The perfect first date [...]

98.5 KLUC–09/10/2014


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