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SandeeBonitaBorn in Los Angeles and raise in Van Nuys California, this sassy Salvadorian-American has made her mark in the city of Las Vegas.

Upon arriving in Sin City in 2007, Sandee Bonita was casted to be part of the promotions team for a local radio station. She demonstrated her love for radio and was auditioned for an on-air position. With her strong Latin background, it was only a matter of time for her to join the Latino Hip-Hop Show in the city. She was able to bring in new flavor with her entertainment report and showed her support for local Latino Artist.

Her positive energy and bubbly personality are unmistakable and were rapidly notice during the casting of a local entertainment television show. Mastering the cameras came natural to Sandee which eventually landed her to become one of the hosts. She used her “Spanglish” and on-screen charisma to captivate viewers that came to relate and admire the way she performed.

In the summer of 2011, Sandee Bonita transitioned into one of the most respected and recognized radio stations (98.5 KLUC) in Las Vegas.  Since then, Sandee has been able to take on any show at any time of the day. Her willingness to give back to the Las Vegas community fits in perfect, since she has taken over the title of Public Service Director. She continues to grow and maintains constant communication with her fans through all social media sites.

Her hard work, determination, and support for the community have been the key to her success. Sandee Bonita has been able to incorporate the new generation with the old and continues to captivate the ears of the entire city!

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Sandee Bonita Celebrates Her Birthday

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