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St. Patrick’s Day Things That Aren’t Irish

You’re going to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Did you know some of the ways you celebrate aren’t even Irish?

98.5 KLUC–03/16/2017

The March Madness Song

See Spence sing all 68 teams in the Big Dance in under :45 seconds. It’s the March Madness Song.

98.5 KLUC–03/14/2017

Spence’s Song of the Week

Just in case the world of adult features decides to call on Spence, he has a list of porn names ready to go. It’s this week’s “Song of the Week.”

98.5 KLUC–03/11/2017

Trump Rhymes: Healthcare

Everything has changed under Donald Trump…even nursery rhymes. Here’s episode 3 of Trump Rhymes: Nursery Rhymes in the Age of Trump. Today, “healthcare.”

98.5 KLUC–03/08/2017

TV Stars with Soaring Ratings Thanks to Trump

Donald Trump IS a “ratings machine according to a new report, he’s had a positive effect on eight TV shows, and seven of them aren’t ‘Fox and Friends.’ The shows getting a ‘Trump bump’ are:

98.5 KLUC–03/06/2017

Spence’s Song of the Week

Finishing the regular season with a record of 11-20, yes, Rebel fans it has been a crappy season. Here’s Spence’s Song of the Week.

98.5 KLUC–03/05/2017

Trump Rhymes: Immigration

Everything has changed under President Trump, including nursery rhymes. Check out episode 2 of “Trump Rhymes: Nursery Rhymes in the age of Trump.”

98.5 KLUC–02/28/2017

Spence’s Song of the Week

For the bald, balding or those that like to keep it clean and sleek. Spence’s Song of the Week is a parody of The Chainsmokers, “Paris,” titled, “Hairless.”

98.5 KLUC–02/25/2017

Trump Rhymes: Women

A lot of things have changed under President Donald Trump, why not nursery rhymes. It’s from the twisted mind of Spence.

98.5 KLUC–02/21/2017

Spence’s Song of the Week

A new Spence’s Song of the Week this time with a parody of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You.” It’s “Vape with You.”

98.5 KLUC–02/18/2017

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