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Spence’s Song of the Week

Dare we say that this is the official anthem of summer in Las Vegas? Check out Spence’s Song of the Week, “It’s Friggin’ Hot.”

98.5 KLUC–22 hours ago

The Perfect Tourist’s Guide to Vegas

Comedian Ryan O’Flanagan is a an overly excited tourist who can’t handle Las Vegas. This Funny Or Die video will make every single local howl with delight.

98.5 KLUC–06/21/2017

Spence’s Song of the Week

This is your official Father’s Day anthem. Spence’s Song of the Week pays tribute to father’s and their luxurious figures in “Dad Bod.”

98.5 KLUC–06/18/2017

Adopt a Superhero for Father’s Day

If you know anything about Batman, you’re aware that his father was tragically killed. It seems that for many superheroes, Father’s Day is a day filled with angst and sadness.

98.5 KLUC–06/16/2017

Spence’s Song of the Week

Sometimes ya got it. Sometimes ya don’t. Most times Spence don’t got it as exhibited by this week’s “Song of the Week,” “I Got Nothin’.”

98.5 KLUC–06/11/2017

60 Seconds with Spence: FBI Director James Comey

Everyone wants to talk to former FBI Director James Comey. Did Anderson Cooper get the exclusive. No. Sean Hanity? Nope. It was your guy, Spence. For real.

98.5 KLUC–06/09/2017

Four Things You Should Stop Doing on Tinder

It’s Friday and if your plan for the weekend is to get on Tinder and swipe up a storm, here are four suggestions that should get you better matches.

98.5 KLUC–06/09/2017

“You jump, I jump.” – Mougmating Exclusive

As you may know, afternoon superstar John Moug and P1 Stacy are Facebook official. Before that happened, the two confirmed their exclusivity in the most adorable way possible.

98.5 KLUC–06/06/2017

Spence’s Song of the Week

Intern Sammich is a twin. His sister, Michelle, is a Rebel Girl. Spence takes great pleasure in taunting Sammich about his twin sister. That came to head Friday morning with Spence’s Song of the Week.

98.5 KLUC–06/04/2017

The True Meaning of “Covfefe”

The world was taken aback by one, mysterious word Tweeted by President Trump. The word: Covfefe.

98.5 KLUC–05/30/2017

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