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Spence/98.5 KLUC

Spence’s Song of the Week

This presidential election has been nothing short of ridiculous and we’re all counting the days including Spence. As of Friday there were 18 days left until the vote is done. Here’s Spence’s take on it.

98.5 KLUC–10/23/2016

Spence/98.5 KLUC

Spence’s Song of the Week

Every Friday at 8:05, it’s a new song from the twisted mind of Spence. Check out the video for “Threesome Awesome.”

98.5 KLUC–10/17/2016

Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty Images

Five Foods You’re Mispronouncing

There’s a new book out called “You’re Saying It Wrong” about the 150 words we mispronounce the most. Here are the top five foods you might be pronouncing wrong . . .

98.5 KLUC–10/05/2016

Spence/98.5 KLUC

Spence’s Song of the Week

Awkward! What happens when your P.E. teacher is making moves on your mom? It’s Spence’s Song of the Week

98.5 KLUC–10/02/2016


Is This The Greatest TV Show of All Time?

“Rolling Stone” recently surveyed hundreds of actors, writers, producers, critics, and showrunners to come up with a list of ‘The 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.’

98.5 KLUC–09/22/2016


Famous People Want You To Vote

There’s a new political campaign called “Save the Day,” encouraging America to show up on Election Day. It has a ton of celebrities, so it’s like a new ‘Rock the Vote’-type of thing.

98.5 KLUC–09/22/2016

credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

We’re #1! We’re #1 We’re #1

A new study ranked 150 cities in America according to how “fun” they are. They looked at 51 different factors, like the number of bars, restaurants, and sporting venues…how nice the weather is…and how much it costs to do stuff.

98.5 KLUC–09/20/2016

Spence/98.5 KLUC

Spence’s Song of the Week

$750 million of public money so a billionaire can build a stadium? Spence believes there are better ways to spend that money. It’s “Viva Los Raiders,” Spence’s Song of the Week. Listen for a brand new song for you every Friday at 8:05a.

98.5 KLUC–09/17/2016

John Moore/Getty Images

The Most Perverted Town Names in America

It must be great to live in a town that makes anyone with a filthy mind laugh every time they hear it. And this country is bulging and throbbing with tons of places like that.

98.5 KLUC–09/15/2016

Getty Images

The Weirdest Named Towns in the U.S.A.

It’s amazing how many towns in this country have ridiculous names. Like, was everyone just constantly drunk 150 years ago when these kinds of decisions were being made?

98.5 KLUC–09/14/2016

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