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Surprising Facts About Scotland

Since Scots are voting today for their independence from Great Britain, we thought it’d be a good time to look at The Top Surprising Facts About Scotland. – The real reason it wants nothing to [...]

98.5 KLUC–10 hours ago

Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

Enough with the Pumpkin Spice Already

I like pumpkin pie. Who doesn’t? I put a dollop of Cool Whip on that bad boy and go to town. It’s traditional this time of year, right? That being said, I don’t fully understand [...]

98.5 KLUC–09/17/2014

Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images

Why It Should Not Be All About the Bass

In Meghan Trainor hit track “All About That Bass,” she sings the praises of that bass and insists that it is far better than the treble. I understand the song is a euphemism for the [...]

98.5 KLUC–09/16/2014

David Becker/Getty Images

The Kardashian Khaos Klosing Klearance

It took nearly three years but Kardashian Khaos in the Mirage is klosing. If you’re a fan of Kim, Khloe, Kourntey, Kris, Kanye or anyone else in the Kardashian-Jenner klan then you’re aware that the [...]

98.5 KLUC–09/11/2014

Spence/98.5 KLUC

60 Seconds with Roger Goodell

When I saw the Norah O’Donnell’s interview with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell it felt like CBS’ attorney met with a room full of NFL lawyers and lined out exactly what was to be asked. It [...]

98.5 KLUC–09/10/2014

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Six Features Not Found on the iPhone 6

For those that drink the (Apple) juice, you can pre-order your own iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus on September 12th. The phones will be available a week later. Apple’s announcement from Cupertino, California on [...]

98.5 KLUC–09/09/2014

Larry Fender/Getty Images

Social Media Outrage Directed at the NFL

Until today, the pubic had not seen what transpired behind closed elevator doors at the now defunct Revel Hotel Casino in Atlantic City between Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and his then fiance, Janay. [...]

98.5 KLUC–09/08/2014

Spence/98.5 KLUC

Video: Summerlin Storm

About 1:35pm Sunday, the sky darkened. The clouds rumbled. And, like God was doing his own Ice Bucket Challenge on Summerlin, the heavens opened and man it monsooned like a mother. I am no meteorologist [...]

98.5 KLUC–09/07/2014

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Parody: Tuber

If there wasn’t an app for everything, there surely is now with the invention of Tuber. If you like cars and you like sex then surely you need an app that will help you have [...]

98.5 KLUC–09/05/2014

Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Why You Mad, Bro?

If I may quote Taylor Swift, “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.” When you go to a sporting event, say the University of Arizona verses UNLV football game, you can expect some fun in [...]

98.5 KLUC–09/04/2014


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