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Spence's Challenge: Friday, May 27th#SpencesChallenge comes your way every day at 7:25a....... and ALWAYS ends in a prize. How would you do?
#TheSession - A.D. X DJ O!In this week's edition of The Session...
Spence's Challenge: Tuesday, May 24thWe play #SpencesChallenge every morning at 7:25a.... and Spence had a bad feeling about his one. Guess what happened?
Spence's Challenge: Friday, May 20thSpence's Challenge is about to be taken to a whole new level....... so you best get to studying!
The Session - A.D. X KRAM!So in this week's edition of 'The Session' ...
SPF 16! (Behind The Scenes)Just in case you were wondering...
Ten Things We'd Rather Give Up For a Month Than WiFiA new survey found the things we'd rather give up than Internet access. The top five are alcohol, junk food, exercise, dessert, and going out.
Spence's Challenge: Monday, May 16thPoor Vanessa. She threw in the towel early….. How would you have done?
Spence's Challenge: Thursday, May 12thTime to study up #P1s! Spence goes for 65-in-a-row on Friday. Someone take him down.... PLEASE!
The #P1s Court is back in Session.... Whispering Videos, WTH?What the hell is a whispering video?
#TheSession - DJ CO1!For the second installment of 'The Session' I decided to reach out to one of KLUC's own, CO1!
Spence's Challenge: Tuesday, May 10thAlana gave it her all today, but alas, Spence dominates for his 62nd win in a row.

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