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Spence's Challenge: Wednesday, January 18thSpence is going for 30 straight Wins! Think you can stop him? Tie Spence win $123, but if you beat him, you'll win an additional $1000!
Spence's Challenge: Tuesday, January 17thFor the first time this year, the Spence's Terrible Herbst Jackpot is back! Starting at $98.00 if you tie Spence, and an additional $1000 if you can beat him. Try Calling Everyday at 7:30AM for a chance to play!
Spence's Challenge: Friday, January 13thNEXT WEEK The Spence's Challenge Terrible Herbst Jackpot is Back! Be the first to beat Spence in 2017 and win $98.00! It's easy, just Practice, Play, and Win!! Call Everyday at 7:30AM for a chance to play!
Spence's Challenge: Thursday, January 12thGood at Trivia? Want to win some money? Try your chances at Spence's Challenge everyday at 7:45AM for a chance to play!
Las Vegas High School does Miley Cyrus Cheer-E-oke!Cheer-E-oke: the act of cheerleaders doing karaoke
Spence's Challenge: Wednesday, January 11thWith the Terrible Herbst Jackpot coming back Tuesday, Spence has been training hard recently with "exhibition" games! Do you think you can out-train him? Listen, Practice, Train! And try your chances to beat Spence by calling Everyday at 7:45AM for a chance to play!
Chet’s Randoms for 1/10/17The tallest mountain in the world no one's ever climbed to the top of is Gangkhar Puensum. It's in the country Bhutan in Asia. It's about 24,800 feet high, but because it's a sacred religious site, people aren't allowed to climb it.
Spence's Challenge: Tuesday, January 10thStudy, Practice and Call Everyday at 7:45 for your chance to beat Spence at Spence's Challenge!
Spence's Challenge: Monday, January 9th Spence is starting 2017 with a 24 game win streak, think you can beat him? Call Everyday at 7:45AM for a chance to play!
OMG, Belle and the Beast Flirt SO HARD in this new clip!He even made her giggle like a school girl.
Katt Williams on Chet Buchanan & the Morning Zoo"If you intended to sing the song, you were gonna sing the song....... remember that this is not a concert, this is a 3 song medley."
BREAKING: Nicki Minaj Confirms split from Meek MillMore importantly, is she hinting that some new music is coming soon?

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