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The Eclipse of 1962...Have you ever wondered what would happen if you stared at the eclipse this Monday with your naked eye?
Chet’s Randoms for 8/18/17The American flag Neil Armstrong planted on the moon in 1969 was knocked over by the engine blast as soon as they lifted up to leave.  Five more U.S. flags have been planted on the moon since then, and NASA believes all of THEM are still standing.
"Dirty-Phone" Brian Calls In...Brian called the show to explain after Rebecca blasted him on the radio yesterday for his dirty phone, and yes, he spoke with her about it last night...
The Good Feeling Story of the Day, 8/18/17A 10-year-old saved his moms life and delivered her pregnant baby... It’s Today’s “Good Feeling Story of the Day!
Spence's Challenge: Friday, August 18thSpence breezed to another easy win today and is looking for some tougher competition... Do you have what it takes to beat Spence in Spence's Challenge? You'll win the $948 if you just tie Spence, but you'll win the $1,000 bonus if you can beat him! Practice, Play, Win!
Chet’s Randoms for 8/17/17The only place where the Venus flytrap grows natively is within 60 miles of Wilmington, North Carolina.  If they're growing anywhere else, it's because they've been transplanted there.
Dirty Phone Break-Up?Have you ever broken up with somebody over their dirty IPhone?
Spivey Podcast For Thursday, August 17th, 2017In today's edition: Renee's husband passed away last month, and nobody knows why? And Andrea's husbands uncle recently passed away and now her niece is having bad dreams about him, what's going on?
Truth Train: Chuck-E-Cheese RobotsFind out how the entire Chet Buchanan and the Morning Zoo team feels about the tragic removal of the Chuck-E-Cheese robot band...
Dumber Than DaveyA Bull, Werewolf, and a Gorillia, walk into a Walmart and try to rob it... and no, this ins't a joke.
Spence's Challenge: Thursday, August 17thDo you want to win the $923 in the Terrible Herbst Spence's Challenge Jackpot? Try playing Spence's Challenge! It's a five question pop-culture trivia game, with thirty seconds on the clock... tie Spence, and win the cash, beat him, and win the $1,000 bonus! Practice, Play, Win!
The Good Feeling Story of the Day, 8/17/17An 84 year old women lost her engagement ring in her garden... thirteen years later, it's found grown within a carrot!

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