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Chets Randoms for 10/13/17Marilyn Monroe had an IQ of 163 . . . Albert Einstein's IQ was 160.
Chets Randoms for 10/12/17The chemical compounds that cause a "skunk" smell in old beer are the same compounds that actual skunks have in their spray.
Chets Randoms for 10/11/17The United States military has a MAXIMUM height cutoff.  No one over 6-foot-8 can enlist.
Chets Randoms for 10/10/17People are more likely to donate to hurricane relief efforts if their name starts with the same letter as the name of the hurricane...
Chets Randoms for 10/9/17The only major building in Tokyo that Godzilla has never destroyed in a movie is the Imperial Palace, out of respect to the emperor.
Chets Randoms for 10/5/17There's an urban legend that you swallow eight spiders a year while you sleep, but it's not true . . . almost every single person will swallow ZERO in their lifetime.  It was made up by a writer making FUN of stupid urban legends and gullible people.
Chets Randoms for 9/28/17Electric Light Orchestra has the record for the most top 40 songs without a number one hit. 
Chets Randoms for 9/27/17You can't legally get married in Ohio if you have syphilis.
Chets Randoms for 9/26/17The five most common names in movie scripts are "DOCTOR" . . . "MOTHER" . . . "SAM" . . . "JACK" . . . and "PAUL."
Chets Randoms for 9/20/17"Jingle Bells" was originally written as a Thanksgiving song.
Chets Randoms for 9/19/17You can't cry in space.  Astronauts have found that because of the lack of gravity, their tears don't fall . . . they just kind of stay in the eyeball, and they sting.
Chets Randoms for 9/18/17Almost all mammals, including humans, pee for the same amount of time . . . an average of 21 seconds.  Different species all have different sized bladders, but compensate for it with their "flow."

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