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Chet’s Randoms for 5/22/17You're about 2,200 times more likely to die in a car accident than you are in a plane crash. So, in other words, it's WAY more dangerous to drive to the airport than to get on a flight.
Chet’s Randoms for 5/18/17There are still approximately 1.6 MILLION Americans who don't have INDOOR PLUMBING . . . and use an outhouse or a hole in the ground.
Chet’s Randoms for 5/17/17When Pixar was editing "Toy Story 2", someone managed to accidentally DELETE a huge chunk of the movie. They miraculously found a backup though . . . an employee on maternity leave had saved it so she could work on it at home.
Chet’s Randoms for 5/16/17The first Wrigley Field wasn't in Chicago . . . a baseball park in Los Angeles called Wrigley Field opened in 1925. TheCubs' stadium was called Cubs Park at that point, but changed its name to Wrigley Field in 1926. The L.A. one was torn down in 1969.
Chet’s Randoms for 5/15/17Nintendo named Mario after the landlord of their first warehouse, Mario Segale. It was a way to get an extension on paying rent.
Chet’s Randoms for 5/12/17Google was originally called BackRub, when they came up with the idea in 1996. The founders changed the name to Google about a year later.
Chet’s Randoms for 5/11/17Carrots are actually bad for rabbits and can cause health problems. But because of Bugs Bunny, pretty much everyone thinks rabbits love carrots.
Chet’s Randoms for 5/9/17The busiest day of the year for KFC is Mother's Day.
Chet’s Randoms for 5/8/17According to NASA, the Las Vegas Strip is the brightest spot on Earth from space.
Chet’s Randoms for 5/5/17Kitty litter was invented in Michigan in 1947. Before that, people just used sand or ashes.
Chet’s Randoms for 5/4/17Africa is the only continent in all four hemispheres.
Chet’s Randoms for 5/3/17There are three McDonald's locations that still serve McPizza. They're in Ohio, West Virginia, and Florida.

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