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Chet’s Randoms for 6/28/17The best way to avoid going bald is . . . castration.  As long as you have your testes removed BEFORE you start going bald, you won't lose your hair.  If you get them removed after you start losing hair, you won't grow back what you lost.
Chet’s Randoms for 6/27/17When a mosquito bites you, it needs to clear room in its body for the blood . . . so it pees on you.
Chet’s Randoms for 6/26/17The oldest cat in history lived to be 38 years and three days old . . . that's about the equivalent of 169 in human years. It died in 2005.
Chet's Randoms for 6/22/2017Congress passed a law in 1866 that no living person could appear on currency . . . after an official at the U.S. Treasury snuck himself onto a five-cent bill.
Chet's Randoms for 6/21/2017King Olaf V of Norway competed in the Olympics while he was king . . . but not just because he could, because he was actually really good at SAILING.  He won a gold medal at the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam.
Chet's Randoms for 6/20/2017The Stanley Cup can hold 23 beers.  (That's 23 12-ounce bottles . . . or just over two gallons.)
Chet's Randoms for 6/19/2017Jupiter is the oldest planet in the solar system.
Chet’s Randoms for 6/16/1798% of the atoms that currently make up your body are different than the atoms that made you up last year.  So, technically, you're almost an entirely different person now than you were a year ago.
Chet’s Randoms for 6/15/17Golfers who win The Masters get to keep their green jacket for a year . . . but then they have to return it.  It gets put in a closet, and then they can wear it whenever they visit from that point on.
Chet’s Randoms for 6/14/17There are at least twice as many kangaroos in Australia as people. There are about 50 million kangaroos and 24 million people.
Chet’s Randoms for 6/13/17Meerkats are more likely to kill each other than any other mammals. Almost 20% of meerkats are killed by members of the same species.
Chet’s Randoms for 6/10/17The first-ever comic book convention was in New York in 1964. And the very first person to buy a ticket was . . . 15-year-old George R.R. Martin, the author of the "Game of Thrones" books.

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