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Chet's Randoms for 10/21/16At the Lincoln-Douglas debates in 1858, one candidate spoke for 60 minutes . . .
Chet's Randoms for 10/20/16Samsung started in 1938 in Korea as a company that exported food like dried fish to China.
Chet's Randoms for 10/19/16Americans throw away around $62 million worth of coins every year.
Chet's Randoms for 10/18/16The car company Jaguar was originally called S.S. Cars Limited.
Chet's Randoms for 10/17/16Football got a chance to be in the Olympics when it was added as a demonstration sport at the 1932 games in Los Angeles . . .
Chet's Random for 10/14/16Only five people died in the Boston Massacre in 1770.
Chet's Randoms for 10/12/16
Chet's Randoms for 10/11/16When you mention something by saying you're not going to mention it, that's called praeteritio.
Chet's Randoms for 10/7/16A scientist discovered a new species of iguana when he was watching the Brooke Shields movie "The Blue Lagoon"
Chet's Randoms for 10/6/16Coors wasn't available east of the Mississippi until the 1980s.
Chet's Randoms for 10/4/16The world's deepest cave is in the Czech Republic.
Fun Facts For Ya: 8/18/16There are only eight countries that don't have an official language...

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