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Fun Facts For Ya: 4/3/15

If there was a hole going all the way through the Earth and you fell in, it would take about 38 minutes for you to get to the other side. Nintendo bought a porn parody […]

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kanye West

OK Magazine gives you 10 facts about Kanye West even his biggest fans did NOT know.  

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15 Facts About ’80s Movies

The unstoppable list makers at Buzzfeed.com put together a list of 68 facts from various ’80s movies. Some you probably already knew. But here are a few you probably didn’t… The cake in the final […]

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Ariana Grande

I’m sure you know by now that Ariana Grande is extremely talented and super hot, but here are 7 things you may be surprised to find out about the “problem” singer, including her ability to impersonate other celebs!

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Fun Facts For Ya: 4/25/14

The average $1 bill has 3,000 different types of bacteria on it . . . some of which could make you sick.  So wash your hands after using money! HARRISON FORD’S pay for doing the first […]

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Sex World Records

Perhaps you think that your sexual prowess is world class. Well, my confident friend, the good folks at Buzzfeed might disagree. The video below discloses some of sex’s world records. Have you ever wondered how […]

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Celebrity Facts You May Have Not Have Known

Buzzfeed.com has produced a list of 75 Interesting Celebrity Facts You May Not Have Known. Here are my favorites: 1. Kesha. has an IQ of 140, and scored 1500 on her SATs. 2. Leonardo DiCaprio […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Fun Facts

Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day. And you know what people LOVE when they’re drunk? A know-it-all spouting random trivia facts. Here are 10 St. Patrick’s Day trivia facts, so you can be everyone’s favorite dude.


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10 Random Thanksgiving Facts

Here are a few random facts about Thanksgiving. The first Thanksgiving featured shrimp and deer, but no turkey. It was prepared for 140 people by just four women. Thanksgiving wasn’t a public holiday until 1863. […]


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Ten Crazy Olympic Facts

The Olympics start tonight. To get you in the mood for two weeks of sports you really only watch every four years, here are 10 crazy but true Olympic facts.