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Intern Sammich’s Tales from Cabo: “Two in The Hospital, One in a Van"It's the final chapter of Intern Sammich's "Tales from Spring Break in Cabo." This time around, an idiot looking for weed gets abducted.
Intern Sammich's Tales from Cabo: "Rico No Shoes"Today's story features Sammich's friend "Rico" who probably had the Worst Spring Break Ever! Poor Rico ended his trip with no wallet, a broken hand, and he gave his only pair of shoes to the locals....
Intern Sammich's Tales from Cabo: Girl & A TattooToday's story features Sammich's friend "Crazy Jamie" who took her nickname to the next level in Cabo... Let's just say it involves, her butt, a tattoo needle, and the words CRAZY JAMIE in big bold beautiful letters...
Your Student Loan Paid For What!?Everyone has student loans... Not everyone uses them to pay for school.... Intern Sammich has friends that are using their Student Loan money to pay for a Spring Break Trip to Cabo! What did your student loans pay for?
Davey Can't Spell: Championship EditionOur executive producer Davey the Showkiller and Intern Sammich are tied at 1-1 in our head to head Spelling B Match... So, we had to settle the tie and find a Chet Buchanan and the Morning Zoo Spelling B Champion! On this edition of "Davey Can't Spell" we are using words that were presented to 5 year old Edith Fuller when she won the Oklahoma State Spelling B Championship!
Davey Can't Spell: Pregnancy EditionOur executive producer Davey the Showkillers third baby on Friday . So, we played the "Pregnancy Edition" of "Davey Can't Spell" with Davey and Intern Sammich.

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