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It's Spence's Drunken ChristmasThe Grammy nominations came out this morning and shockingly Spence's holiday album "A Drunken Christmas" did not make the cut.
It's Spencemas, StupidDecember 2nd, known as the "A-holiest of the A-holies," and also known as Spencemas...or the birth of Spence. (You're welcome.)
Spence's Song of the WeekIt's Spence's first kids Song of the Week...well, kinda. I mean, you're 8 year old boy will love it. Enjoy "Beans & Milk."
Parody: O Canada - AnimatedCheck out Spence's parody of "O Canada" in honor or our post-election not so mass-exodus north.
Spence's Song of the WeekNo one is moving to Canada after the election, however, it's fun to sing about it. See Spence's Song of the Week, "O Canada."
Parody: More Negative Heck, Cortez Masto AdsIf there's one reason to be thankful for the end of this election, it's that we will no longer see any more negative ads for or against Nevada senatorial candidates, Joe Heck and Catherine Cortez Masto.
The Cubs Still SuckYeah, the world, sans those in Cleveland, Ohio, is so happy that our lovable losers, the Chicago Cubs, finally, after 108 years, are World Series champions. Spence doesn't get it.
Spence's Song of the WeekThis presidential election has been nothing short of ridiculous and we're all counting the days including Spence. As of Friday there were 18 days left until the vote is done. Here's Spence's take on it.
Seven Days: A Spence Election OriginalI have made no secret of my disdain for Donald J. Trump. I ain't voting for him. Plain and simple. So, over this election season, I have created many a song and bit making fun of his giant orange face. That being said, fair is fair.
Parody: My Haunted HouseHappy Halloween! We hope that Spence didn't ruin it for you by making a mess of Flo rida's "My House."
The Third Dirty DebateMuch to the relief of nearly every soul on planet earth, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met on the debate stage one final time. (18 days and counting)
Spence's Song of the WeekEvery Friday at 8:05, it's a new song from the twisted mind of Spence. Check out the video for "Threesome Awesome."

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