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Spence's Song of the Week$750 million of public money so a billionaire can build a stadium? Spence believes there are better ways to spend that money. It's "Viva Los Raiders," Spence's Song of the Week. Listen for a brand new song for you every Friday at 8:05a.
Spence's Song of the WeekYou almost can hear a collective sigh of relief from the masses now that professional football is back. Here's Spence's tribute to the return of the NFL titled, "The NFL Is Back."
Spence's Chris Brown ExclusiveMan, things were crazy at Breezy's Tarzana estate yesterday. In the midst of at all, Chris was still working. He's in demand. In fact, he could be in a new action movie
Spence's Song of the WeekCheck out the video for Spence's Song of the Week titled, "Pantsuit Girl."
Does Ryan Lochte Have a New Sponsor?It didn't take long for many of the sponsors of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte to drop their support after his incredible, embellished Brazil robbery tal
Goodbye OlympicsSixteen days of agony and ecstasy, the 2016 Rio Olympics. From the glory of Usain Bolt to that lying dingus, Ryan Lochte the Games of the XXXI Olympiad had a little bit of everything.
Spence's Song of the WeekA new "Song of the Week" performed by Spence every Friday at 8:05. This week: A tribute to Olympic doping control officers or the "Pee In The Cup Guy."
Spence's Song of the WeekIn honor of the Games of the XXXI Olympiad, a parody song of the Olympic Fanfare and Theme by John Williams.
Save the PokemonThere are innocent creatures roaming the valley...probably even in your neighborhood...and they are being thoughtlessly hunted, trapped and trained to fight. PETA wants this practice to end.
Siri Meets PikachuThere's a lot of stuff going on inside your iPhone6. Stuff you don't know about. Stuff you don't WANT to know about. "Like what?" you may ask. How about Siri hitting on Pikachu?
Parody: Pokemon Go? Pokemon No!In slightly more than 48 hours, Nintendo has made $7.5 billion all off "Pokemon Go," the free game app that let's you "catch 'em all" right in your own neighborhood.
Spence's Song of the WeekSee the video for "Firework Firejerk," as well as, all of Spence's Songs of the Week.

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