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Easter + 4/20 = Comedy

Every few years April 20th ends up on Easter Sunday. Yes, 4/20, the special code for marijuana. Let the jokes ensue. For example: Hear “Peter Cottontail” Over the years, I’ve done a few bits on […]

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Peter Cottonmouth

It is rumored that the term 4/20, came from students of San Rafael High School. Back in the 70′s they would meet in front of a statue of Louis Pasteur at 4:20 in the afternoon […]

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Parody: New US Airways Commercial

The Twitterverse went bananas yesterday, when someone posted a very inappropriate pic on US Airways official Twitter account. CBS Radio prohibits us from posting pornography on the site, so I’m sad to say we can’t […]

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GoT Musical Recap – April 6th

It has been nearly a year since we have received an update from Westeros. That’s the way HBO do. Season four of Game of Thrones debuted with no major plot twists. It served more as […]

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The National Sleep-Aid: Baseball

It’s opening day in Major League Baseball. Now, let’s not get that confused with opening night…which was last night when the Padres beat the Dodgers. And let’s not get it mixed up with the two […]

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Parody: Flabby

There is no shame in accumulating a little “winter weight.” In fact, in some cultures, a voluptuous figure is a sign of success. But, you know how quickly pool season arrives in Las Vegas. It’s […]

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The Sweet Sixteen Song

Over four days at various basketball arenas around the country a pool of 64 college basketball teams were whittled down to what is known as the “Sweet Sixteen.” It’s what the NCAA dubs as “March […]

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Parody: Talk Irish To Me

Let’s be honest. There are few things more grating on one’s nerves than an over-the-top leprechaun-style Irish accent. Understand, not the real Irish accent as spoken by Liam Neeson or Colin Farrell, the “top o’ […]

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60 Seconds with Spence: Justin Bieber

When big time celebrity controversies go viral, Spence from Chet Buchanan & the Morning Zoo is there to pick up the pieces. Whether it’s Lance Armstrong confessing his ill deeds to Oprah or Charlie Sheen […]

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The Justin Bieber See n’ Say

Back in the day, kids learned about the sounds animals make with the Mattel’s classic “See n’ Say.” Now, for a new generation, your child can learn how to be an entitled little brat. Introducing […]

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