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Spence's Song of the WeekThis presidential election has been nothing short of ridiculous and we're all counting the days including Spence. As of Friday there were 18 days left until the vote is done. Here's Spence's take on it.
The Third Dirty DebateMuch to the relief of nearly every soul on planet earth, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met on the debate stage one final time. (18 days and counting)
Spence's Song of the WeekEvery Friday at 8:05, it's a new song from the twisted mind of Spence. Check out the video for "Threesome Awesome."
PSA: Clown ShamingThis fascination with "creepy clowns" is hurting real, honest to God, kids party, rodeo, balloon animal-makin', big shoe-wearin' clowns. Clown Shaming is a real thing.
And Trump's Favorite Word Is...Once you get past the bluster, the interruptions, the rampant sniffing, Donald Trump is pretty much a disaster...or at least likes the word a lot.
Trumpsniffle: The SequelThere were all kinds of rumors, accusations and explanations for <strong>Donald Trump's</strong> first debate "sniffles." Social media labeled it the "TrumpSniffle."
TrumpSniffleTrump v Clinton I. What will you remember about the first debate? Moderator, Lester Holt? Hillary's red pantsuit? If you said Donald's constant sniffing, you hit it right on the nose.
The Dirty DebateInspired by <strong>Jimmy Kimmel's</strong> "This Week In Unnecessary Censorship'" <strong>Chet, Spence & Kayla</strong>, gave the first presidential debate between <strong>Donald Trump</strong> and <strong>Hillary Clinton</strong> the treatment.
Spence's Song of the Week$750 million of public money so a billionaire can build a stadium? Spence believes there are better ways to spend that money. It's "Viva Los Raiders," Spence's Song of the Week. Listen for a brand new song for you every Friday at 8:05a.
Spence's Song of the WeekYou almost can hear a collective sigh of relief from the masses now that professional football is back. Here's Spence's tribute to the return of the NFL titled, "The NFL Is Back."
Spence's Chris Brown ExclusiveMan, things were crazy at Breezy's Tarzana estate yesterday. In the midst of at all, Chris was still working. He's in demand. In fact, he could be in a new action movie
Spence's Song of the WeekCheck out the video for Spence's Song of the Week titled, "Pantsuit Girl."

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