November Is More Than Just ThanksgivingWhen you think of November, you think of Thanksgiving, fall colors, Black Friday and such. But the 11th month of the year has much more going on then turkey and discounted consumer electronics.
Bad Cell Phone Connection: Adele vs. Lionel RichieWith much fanfare, <strong>Adele</strong> released her much anticipated single, "Hello," on Friday. As you would expect, the song "Hello" starts out with the British singer belting out a hello followed by a one-sided conversation with a long lost love.
Calvin Harris Admits Nothing
The Anthem For Being Stuck In Traffic...What do you do when you're stuck in traffic??
Parody: The Truth About Reno
Friend Zone? There's an App for That
Finally a Workout for the Rest of Us...CrossFat
Parody: I Slept with Your Mother
Kanye for President: His First Political Ad
Parody: In Love with a Walmart Greeter
Trumpicane: Donald Trump Blows
Fiddy Can't Afford Da Club
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