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Dennis Quaid vs. Christian Bale

Temper, temper Dennis Quaid. A video of the actor going on a 44-second rant while, apparently, on set of a movie, went viral today. No one seems to know what he was filming. A check […]

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Game of Thrones Musical Recap

I’m not sure how this works. If it is within 24 hours of the initial airing of a TV show do you have to announce a SPOILER ALERT before you talk about what happened? All […]

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Screw Duke

Screw Duke. There, I said it. For the same reasons I don’t like the New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys, I don’t like Duke Blue Devil basketball. No, no, no, I’m not jealous of […]

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That Bunny’s a Candy Hustler

Maybe you should take candy from a baby. If you still have the wrappers from the pounds and pounds of Easter candy you purchased for your little outbreak monkey, check the nutritional information. Man, as […]

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The Final Four Song

It’s finally here. The madness of March has given way to April and only four remain. Three number one seeds – Kentucky, Wisconsin and Duke and one number seven seed – Michigan State. The Wildcats […]

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Parody: Zayn, Don’t Say Goodbye

Yes, you do expect the horde that is One Direction’s young, female fan base, to lose their collective, friggin’ minds upon the news that Zayn Malik had left the band. However, you don’t expect a […]

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The Sweet Sixteen Song

For a guy who doesn’t give a flip about March Madness unless the Runnin’ Rebels are present, this was a great first weekend. I like upsets. I like big programs getting spanked by non-power conference […]

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The March Madness Song 2015

Most of the pleasure I derive from March Madness is sitting on the couch watching Selection Sunday to find out who and where my beloved Runnin’ Rebels will be playing. Not much pleasure the last […]

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Spence Is Awesomer

A “love song” from Kanye West to his wife, Kim, was leaked online yesterday and was immediately ripped to shreds on social media. The song is titled “Awesome” and contained not so awesome lyrics like: […]

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Parody: Blurred Lines

When you first heard “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and T.I. who didn’t think, “Man, this track sounds really familiar.” A federal jury more than agreed with your hunch, awarding the family of […]

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