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Perez Hilton Celebrity Update: 8/28/15

Perez Hilton brings his blog to the radio.  Perez has all the latest Hollywood gossip and you can hear it every weekday at 8:50am on Chet Buchanan and The Morning Zoo. Is Justin Bieber changing […]

98.5 KLUC–08/28/2015

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/28/15

Thousand Island dressing is called “American Sauce” in Germany. When you talk to yourself in your head, your larynx still makes tiny movements. A “lifetime warranty” doesn’t mean you have the warranty for YOUR lifetime […]

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Spivey Podcast For Thursday, August 27, 2015

Every Thursday The World’s Greatest Psychic Gary Spivey helps Vegas with its spiritual and supernatural questions and issues. Jessica needs some help with her boyfriend leaving her now that she is five months pregnant…Lynn’s husband keeps not getting […]

98.5 KLUC–08/27/2015

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Zoo On Demand: Big Announcement Thursday

Thursday Morning Davey the Showkiller had a big announcement to make!  He asked for a few minutes of air time for Thursday’s show.  Davey brought in a big moving box and placed it on the […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/27/15

The Canary Islands aren’t named after the birds.  The name comes from the Latin “Canariae Insulae” . . . which means “Island of the Dogs.”  It was chosen because there were a ton of wild […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/26/15

You need a permit in Arizona to feed garbage to pigs. Remember the computer program “Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing!” that was used by millions of kids? Mavis Beacon wasn’t real.  The people who developed the […]

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Zoo On Demand: Who Got In Trouble The First Day?

Yesterday was the first day of school here and we were all certain that someone’s kid has got in trouble on the first day of school?  Lorena thinks she can beat everyone with her son.  She […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/25/15

The first seven flavors of Life Savers were peppermint, wintergreen, clove, licorice, cinnamon, violet, and chocolate.  But only the first two are still around. All the sweaters Fred Rogers wore on “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” were […]

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Fun Facts For Ya: 8/24/15

The reason so many Asian countries have names that end in “stan” is because it’s an ancient Persian word for “homeland.” Lil Wayne was a straight-A student. There was almost another Disney park in America […]

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Zoo On Demand: When Do I Tell Her?

David needed some help Friday morning.  He broke his leg about a year ago and during the recovery in the hospital he got an infection and had to have his leg amputated below the knee. […]

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