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Zoo On Demand: What Did You Miss Because Of Work?

We have all missed a few big things before due to work.  Sometimes you just can’t get the time off to make it to something.  What did you miss because you had to work?  Was […]

98.5 KLUC–04/24/2015

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50 Cent Believes Zayn Malik Is The Next Justin Timberlake

Zayn Malik broke millions of hearts when he left One Direction, but don’t worry guys — he has the potential to be a megastar on his own, according to 50 Cent. When Fifty heard that Zayn […]

98.5 KLUC–04/24/2015

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Zoo On Demand: Relationship Foul?

Vicki met her boyfriend that was with his ex for 7 years.  Something has really been bugging her and she just can’t over it.  The boyfriend has three shirts that he wears all the time […]

98.5 KLUC–04/24/2015

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Fun Facts For Ya: 4/24/15

Coffee beans aren’t actually beans . . . they’re a seed that people just call “beans.” A nickel weighs exactly twice as much as a penny. HBO passed on “The Walking Dead” because they thought […]

98.5 KLUC–04/24/2015


Zoo On Demand: What Unusual Skill Do You Still Do

What unusual skill did you learn as a kid that you can still do?  Spence learned sign language as a kid and still remembers it.  One caller got Spence all excited, find out why!

98.5 KLUC–04/23/2015

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Fun Facts For Ya: 4/23/15

All of the land in America is worth a total of approximately $23 trillion. The Green Bay Packers were named after the Indian Packing Company . . . which gave them $500 for uniforms and […]

98.5 KLUC–04/23/2015

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Zoo On Demand: Stupid Stuff On A Dare

A lot of dumb kids are doing the “Kylie Jenner Challenge” and messing up there lips.  They think they can make their lips look like hers and some kids are leaving permanent damage from doing it. […]

98.5 KLUC–04/22/2015


Zoo On Demand: What’s Your Family Secret?

Ben Affleck was on that PBS show, “Finding Your Roots”.  The show looks into past family history and found out one of his family members owned slaves back in the day.  He asked the show […]

98.5 KLUC–04/22/2015


Fun Facts For Ya: 4/22/15

In 1992, the average person got 2.5% of their calories from alcohol . . . now it’s up to 10%. There’s one ATM in Antarctica . . . and it’s run by Wells Fargo.  So […]

98.5 KLUC–04/22/2015


Zoo On Demand: Separate Summer Vacations

A listener emailed us about how her husband wanted to take a separate vacation this summer.  Her husband is not very social and doesn’t want to take a vacation together.  He thinks it’s best for […]

98.5 KLUC–04/21/2015